01 August 2009

Blogger's back!

Well, well, well...we are back from the trip...how was it, you say?? It was AMAZING!!...of course, it was....and it was interesting in more than a few ways!! I was so hoping to write a day-by-day account as we went along but the tight travel schedules together with the unbelievable heat left us so tired at the end of each day, we barely managed to crawl into our beds and sleep (leave alone blogging!)

Anywho, plan to write some posts in the next few days...in the meantime, how have all the dost mandali been doing all this time??

For the Vancouver junta, happy long weekend!..and if you thought what you are going through here is a heat wave, let me tell you, its nothing close to Europe!!!!..one thing I have learnt during this trip is how much we take Vancouver for granted!

A little wiser than two weeks back ,

P.S. yes, its 6:22 am here...the jet lag made me wake up at 5:30 today...got a chance to catch the sunrise in Vancouver...it was utterly-butterly-loverrrlyy!!!..wish I could do this more often..catch the sunrise that is...but anyone who knows me knows that this can happen only if I am jet lagged...hmm...N might not like the huge airlines bills as a price to watch the sunset!!jaane do :D

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