05 August 2009

Festive times

Its Rakhsha bandhan in India today...the time to celebrate love between a brother and sister...I wonder why they dont have any such celebrations here in the West..to me, its a lovely occasion to let your brothers and sisters know much you care about them!

(Picture from here)

While I was growing up, typical RB celebrations in India would involve all of us cousins piling over my Uncle's house...this worked out great you see...my mum has two girls (me and my sis) and her siblings each have two sons....two generations of brothers and sisters...the bond strong and love in the heart!

By the way, I am sure it was a sister who started this festival...think about it....by tying a thin band on my brother's wrist, I get not only 'unlimited love and protection from all possible bad things'...but also a lovely gift....both the untangible and the tangible...pretty good deal, I say! and if you have more brothers than sisters (which was our case), the gifts were even more fantastic...oh man, miss those days!

Anywho, a very happy RB to all the brothers and sisters out there (especially mine)...may the bond of love grow stronger with each passing year!!

Missing the fun,



Aadi said...

A very Happy Raksha Bandhan to my dearest sis..! Many God bless u on this auspicious day with loads of happiness, love and good health. (see u already got 3 gifts) :P

nilesh said...

hey aadi, aise saste me nahi chhutega re tu...next time Vancouver aayega tab sab gifts vasool hone vale hai ;-)

Vinaya said...

Aadi, do you really think you can get away this easily???...I will take the three gifts and so much more :D

Aarti said...

aur mera gift??..:D