07 August 2009

Trip recap Day 2: Copenhagen

So after a lovely first day in the city of fairy tales, I was all set to make it most of the next day...and how did we do in reality???..we made the least out of it!!!...at least that was what I was thinking at 4 in the evening when we were still stuck in our hotel!!!!!

The day started off quite like the previous one, I woke up around 10 (jet lag, you see..and not laziness..ahem) and since N had his presentation that day from 12 to 1.30, I only wandered around our hotel and the mall nearby till he came back...I also made a nice long list of places I wanted to see (including some museums which closed at 5....but I had plenty of time until then...or so I thought).

Harbour at the back our hotel...this is the view from our window

After N got back at 2, we headed to a place close by for lunch and almost as soon as we got there, it started raining cats and dogs...just my luck!!!....having lived in Vancouver for 3 years now, I have grown used to rain anytime of the year...but rains on vacation is just not done!!!!...I even tried the 'rain, rain go away...come back some other day' thing but I think that works only for innocent kids and not for grown-ups like me with selfish, vacationy-ulterior-motives...sigh!!...amidst all this, N seemed actually happy...he is just not a 'museum person' you see....wonder if he secretly prayed for the rain to keep pouring!!!

Anywho, when the rain finally did stop at 4, we no longer had the museums option (by this time, both N and the sun were beaming...and I was fuming)...so we decided to do the next best thing...we took a train/bus ride to Nyhavn...literally meaning 'new harbour' in Danish, it is actually a 17th century waterfront in the heart of the city and is a lovely area to dine and move around.
We liked the place instantly...it has lovely residential, colourful buildings that lining it on both sides.....people dining outdoors in restaurants...and little boats moored along the harbour...pretty!!...we decided to take a boat ride here..it lasted for an hour and took us on a ride along the harbour to show us a lot of interesting places including H.C.Anderson's House, the New Opera Place, Christiania, Little Mermaid statue, the Danish Royal Palace (one of the places on my list...sigh), the old National Bank and Stock Exchange Buildings and a few other notable places...the tour was lovely as the boat guide also gave bits of history on each place as we passed by it!

I wish I had more pics to share....but as can be expected from N and me, our camera buttery died 10 mins into the ride (sigh...sigh...sigh!!)...we did capture everything on the video cam but these are the only pics I had to put on the blog...By the time we finished the ride, it was almost 8 and we were ready to head back...we picked some food on our way and were back at the hotel by 10.

The second day of the trip went well...we could have done so much more....with N busy with the conference, I must confess that I wasn't hoping to see much of CPH in the first place...given that, I seem to have seen quite enough...next time though, I will make sure we have enough time for the palaces and museums...and also that I pray harder than N to keep the rains at bay :)

(Almost) content,


Aadi said...

Waah..! :) i liked the overall view of copanhagen.. its more like a countryside.. khup chaan aahe.. and u made the place even more interesting by ur review.. :) Let the trip continue...

nilesh said...

Good job blogger. Interesting reads. Keep it up!!