07 November 2013


I started 2013 with a Big-Bang resolution. And like all typical new year resolutions, mine was a big, humongous, capital-letter-kind of FLOP!! I admit I am humbled.

Of course, N, the know-it-all has been proved right (he had warned me about not making the resolutions public). Again. For the nth time!!! Arrrgh!!!
Image courtesy: http://www.demotivation.us

Atleast he is not as insufferable as Sheldon :)
Image courtesy: http://inspirably.com

Nonetheless, I guess it's never too late to start all over again. The key is to try and try till you succeed.

I am by nature, an eternal optimist. It has worked for me for everything else in life. I am sure it will help in getting back to the blogging momentum as well.

Be back soon,