19 July 2009

Hasta la vista

Nope..I am not going to Spain..but who cares...I am off to the continent of romance (that's how I like to think of Europe...am hoping that the reality lives up to my thinks and thoughts)!

By the way, N reached Copenhagen safely and now its my turn to get there...have had some visits from 'Auntie Anxiety' telling me about flights not making it, missing the connection flight (don't have a direct flight, you see) and finally not having N at the airport to take me to the hotel (am reaching a little late in the night, so he comes to pick me up!)...fortunately, these Auntie A's visits didn't last too long...she tried to stay but 'Uncle Europe Excitement' pushed her out of the room :D

I leave tonight and hope to post some memories as we go along...see you later my friends, or as the Spanish would say 'Hasta la vista'

Super-duper excited,

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Aadi said...

Have a great n safe journey! :) Have loads of fun and dont worry on nething... the good Lord is there to take care of it ! ENJOY... :) and keep us posted...