17 August 2009

Resuming Trip recap: Day 3- Bye CPH!

As a welcome change, we woke up early this day...why you ask??..well, we had booked the breakfast at the hotel on the last day and it was open only until 10...by now you should know that only food (that too made by someone else) will make me wake up at a reasonably early time while on vacation (or not-on vacation).

So we had this lovely Danish breakfast..complete with the 'Danish' pastries (of course, what else?)..and enjoying the harbour view as we ate..fabulous! Once done, we packed and checked out of the hotel and took the metro to the CPH airport.

A few things we learnt about 'commuting in CPH without paying through the nose':
-the best way to get around CPH is using the public transit i.e. metros and buses...the transit system is awesome and connects almost all tourist attractions and more
-tickets for the transit system are available right at the airport...the costs vary with the number of zones you might want to visit...since we were going to be in CPH for three days, N and I each bought a 10-ticket card that cost us about 130 Danish kroners (about Cdn$30....expensive, I know!!!) but it lasted us throughout the trip...we even had a couple tickets left at the end but didnt find anyone to pass them on to!
-each of the bus drivers we met was very helpful so getting around the city was quite easy (in spite of not knowing Danish at all...of course, we ended everything with 'Tak' meaning Thanks in danish)
-another good way to go around the city is rent a bike...we would have loved to explore this option but came to know about it after we had already bought the 10 ticket cards....next time though, I will keep this in mind...not only is it super-cheap (2o DKK) but also a lovely way to see the city from up close...mind you, the weather in CPH is very finicky and I would take up the bike only if Mr. Sunshine comes along

With that, we said bye to CPH, our first European country visited, and started for Rome...I cant begin to tell how excited I was at the prospect of visiting this city...I am a kind-of-history-and-arts-enthusiast and what better place to know about history than Rome???

More about my first impressions of Rome in the next post!

Bye bye CPH..tak!!


Sarita Khadye said...
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Sarita Khadye said...

overall cool day!! I also hate when we need to get up early because of breakfast:(..You have mention about bike, i dont know about CPH, but in belgium, France and many europian countries where I visited bike is bicycle for them and not a motorcycle(bike)like in India:).

Sarita Khadye said...

When we reached to office on 1st day in France there in one presentation they asked us our hobbies..one of my colleague he said i like to riding on bike :D and everybody was looking at him with surprise..and after few days we come to know bike is cycle for them and it was blast!!!! :D:D:D:D

Vinaya said...

Hi Sarita,
You are absolutely right..I meant bicycles..I know it gets all confusing because we call motorbikes as bikes in India and almost everywhere else, when people say bikes they mean bicycles!