24 August 2009

Festive Sunday: Ukadiche Modak

Its that time of the year...Lord Ganesha is visiting everyone's houses this week..if you ask me, this is the cutest of all Hindu Gods...with his elephant head and rotund stomach, he is easily one of the most liked deities in Hindu culture..he tops my list for sure!

'Lalbaugcha Raja', one of the most popularly worshipped public Ganesh idols in Mumbai

Ganesh puja at this time of the year is a big event in Mumbai and both N and I miss the fun here in Vancouver...miss bappa coming home..bringing in his tow hundreds of friends and relatives, yummy food, carefree celebrations- in short, 'beshhtest times'. Growing up, I always wanted to bring bappa home but since each (extended) family is allowed to bring only one idol home and one of our uncles has been bringing our family idol to his house over the last few generations, there was no way we could do that. My wish was granted, however, when I got married...N's parents bring their (and now mine) family Ganesh idol to our home in Mumbai...its absolute fun time..miss the mood (sigh, sigh, sigh).

So this year, after being away from Mumbai for a few years (7 for N, 4 for me), we decided to create the magic ourselves....for the first time ever, we made the modaks (recipe follows), did a small puja at home in the morning, volunteered to make food at a local (Marathi mandal) celebration function and then enjoyed the prasad food in the evening at that same function....good times, I say!!!

Marathi Mandal Ganeshotsav, Vancouver

Modaks and home puja

The best part about making the modaks? N and I made them together...anyone who had tried them before should know that making the modaks and moulding them into a nice shape takes time and practice...N and I were like kids in the kitchen...each trying to make better modaks than the other...at the end, I have to admit, N did so much better than I did (hmmmm)!

joint effort- N made the one at the centre- adjudged as the best modak of all :D

For the recipe, I followed the instructions in this video..the recipe the lady uses is exactly the same as N's ma (I am guessing its a standard recipe) but the art lies in making the rice dough while its 'just hot' and then moulding it into beautifully shaped modaks...check out the video here..she has some very interesting techniques for beginners like N and me!

It took us well over an hour to make 12 modaks but we were both quite pleased with the end result...hope bappa liked it as well!:D

May bappa bless everyone,


Kapil said...

Wow! Tempting :)

Vinaya said...

Thanks KD...must say the end result was sweet..hope you had a lovely time with Aarti :D

Aadi said...

Zabardasttttttt..! :) the post and the modaks.. :) very well put up in words.. :) and excellently in pictures as well.. :) khup aavadla post! I am pretty sure Ganesha must have loved the modaks u made..In the pic, He seems to be very happy to see them.

nilesh said...

Nice comment Aadi...specially the last line :-)
Btw those really turned out very well.

Aarti said...

woww..look so tempting....good job..u two..:)
i can mould them nicely..used to do it at home(parel)...but making the dough...mm..already told dada what happened to that dough..i m good at improvising u knw..;)