15 August 2009

Happy birthday India!

India turned 62 today.

In the world of people, that's pretty old...but in the world of countries, that's young....a vibrant, diverse country on the altar of youth...she is beautiful on the outside...growing at a lovely healthy pace (healthy enough to draw some envy form others)...she even has a few jewel-cities she shows off.....but when i look carefully enough, when I prod a little, I see some scars and wounds...some of her neighbours have tried to inflict much pain, her own corrupt netas have tried to sell her for their selfish motives and everyone has neglected her heart- her villages, her beauty, her land....Mind you, she tries to hide these scars under the veil of 'India shining' but I don't think she will ever be completely happy till these scars heal (sigh, sigh, sigh).

I came across this video on my cousin A's orkut profile last week...it is a dance sequence on a show called 'India's got Talent'....the concept, choreography and skills touched my heart...the group performing the sequence are labourers from Orissa..interestingly, they didn't want to reveal that they were labourers because they didn't want any sympathy votes but wanted to win on the basis of their talent....amazing video!

To me, this is the perfect embodiment of the Indian spirit...India, too is in a race with other countries, in the race for progress...she, too, is handicapped by corruption, illiteracy, terrorism...but she has the skills, the concepts and the determination to go ahead...not with sympathy votes but because 'India's got Talent'!

Happy birthday India!!!



Aadi said...

Excellent work, V! Feels proud to be an 'Indian' :) Your thoughts and the video together potray the true spirit of India!

kapil said...

Nice! Travelogue please..

nilesh said...

Good job blogger!!