14 August 2009

A fuzzy week

This week has been nothing but 'fuzzy'...I cant think of any other word to describe it (maybe 'foggy'..but in the fuzzy-world thats quite close to 'fuzzy')...the days and nights have been a blur...I havent done anything meaningful from Monday to Friday (neither at home nor at work)...and all under the excuse that 'I am fuzzy'!

I don't know if its the vacation/jetlag hangover but it sure seems that I am cranially slow this week!...for those who may not know, I have these slowing down tendencies once in a while but usually N will shake me out of it (he'll give a prep-up speech about how the slow-bug is for sloths and not youngsters like us...how the rain outside is not a reason to slouch but rather one to get excited about, etc etc...occasionally, he will also grace me with a special, Bombay-ishstyle tapori dance...and this, if nothing else, always makes me laugh and get back on my feet)...but this time, N was crazy busy in lab and came home almost each night at 9 so my fuzziness stayed longer than I wanted!

Anywho, Mr. Weekend's arrival seems have done the trick...he has made me wake up from my slumber and asked me to start being a little more active...like maybe working on my blog, writing a post, cleaning the house, cook something interesting, go out for a walk, get a haircut, do some shopping, go on a vacation (I have reminded Mr. weekend that I could start working all items on his list except the last two...N will scream and roar if I spend money on shopping or even as much as utter the word 'vacation')!

Some may or may not notice but I did work on the blog already...I have added some widgets for my books (one about the book reviews and other on the books on my reading list) and hope to add some more on the travel/food ones very soon...have also added the 'subscribe to posts/comments' on the right...any comments/suggestions on the layout are welcome!....will also resume the trip recap very soon!

Back from the land of fuzzies,

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