04 July 2009

Fishy Sunday

Last Sunday I was in a good mood....this usually means N will get lucky (not what you think, any of you perverts...haha)...this means that N will get some good food! So this Sunday I checked my fridge to see what I had...and yipee, I found that I had some trout fish!!!

N and I both come from the western coastal region of India...no prizes for guessing that fish and coconut are a huge part of our food...in the place where my parents stay in Mumbai, we get amazing fresh fish every day...the frozen fish we get here in Vancouver just doesn't compare with the fresh one...fresh pomfret, prawns, king fish, mackerel, Bombay duck...ABSOLUTE HEAVEN....just the memories make me nostalgic....I remember occasional trips to the near-by fish market with my mother when i was little..I used to hate the stink of fresh fish but it was an interesting fare to watch Aai check the fish, make sure it was fresh, haggle with the fisher woman over the price, do the 'Oh-I-am-not-interested-and-am-going-to-walk-away' routine and finally buy the fish for less than 1/5th the original price...miss all that fun here!

Anywho, last Sunday I cooked the fish in two ways: Goan fish curry (a coconut-based, spicy curry) and fish fry (fish marinated with spices, ginger-garlic paste and tamarind paste and then shallow-fried...turns our amazing tangy hot!). I served these with salad, rice and chapatis (Indian flat breads). The meal was complete with a small shot of 'sol-kadhi' (a staple in Goan food..this is a digestive drink made with coconut milk to make sure your tummy doesn't burn with all those spices)!
Fish curry and sol-kadhi

Fish curry, sol-kadhi, fried fish, salad and chapatis

Meal complete; moments before N and I dug into it!

Needless to say, N was more than happy with the food...in fact, he ate so much, he could not move for some time after the meal :) I took that as a compliment to my food! I am dedicating this post to my A, my sweetest little cousin brother who had loved my food so much when he came to visit me this summer....this one (especially the fried fish) is for you, A!!

I am not posting recipes here as it was taking just tooo long to write them...however, if anyone wants to know more, I am more than happy to share the recipes..just let me know!



Archu said...

Fundoo!!! Wonderful job "chef" Vinaya :-) The pics are soooooo tempting and simply mouth watering. Wish we too had an invitation for last Sunday's lunch.....missed the delicious meal :-(

Aadi said...

Wonderful work,just perfect V..! Its looking amazing.. and to those who havent tasted V-made food.. let me tell ul that it does tastes better than authentic coastal food! Just looking at it makes me so nostalgic... Thank you dearest V! :)

kapil said...

If it really happened to be Fishy Sunday (and that to contributed entirely by you) I smell something fishy ;)
I remember seeing these photos longtime back :-p
Conclusion: I would say goodwork N: 1. for keeping a copy of the pics for so long 2. sharing it with V 3.Preparing the stuff whenever if was photographed ;)

Mux said...

Absolutely loved the pics....and meal must have tasted every bit as good!

nilesh said...

Hey Kapil thanks man for showing so much confidence in me ;-) I would have gracefully accepted the credit BUT not this time. It was a lot of hard work put in by V in preparing the meal and it tasted greattt too. So, lets give it to her. Also, I don't want to spend rest of my time in Canada looking at these pics only ;)
Keep it up V
N :)

Vinaya said...

Thanks so much yaar..you guys know you are always welcome...just drop by anytime!

itni sari taarif???...dont worry, tera next trip main khaana pakaa!:)

very funny...now next time we meet, I will make sure N makes food for you;)

thanks yaar...it did come out good...fish ka kammaal :)

Good work...mogambo khush hua...tera ye saal ka khaana bhi gharpe pakka :D

Kapil said...

Dont worry N, I can understand your condition. :D
We will take this up when you guys are in India... that would be much better for you I guess :)
V, images dont tell you much its the history that speaks for itself (and in this case the title of the post) ;) (LOL)

Aarti said...

plz plz plz...dont do this to me...plz dont post such pics,its a torture...brutal,cruel..whatever...u knw i cant cook fish..:(
allthough i m not a big fan of fish..these pics are awesomee..and i m sure the actual dish was also equally awesome..
do send the receipes on mail..i have finally found one fisherman here..:D

Aarti said...

i m sure dada enjoyed...:) did he wave off the cleaning session for that weekend?? :)

Vinaya said...

I you can have N in your gang and I will make Aarti is in mine...lets see what happens!

Itna saara drama???hehehe...i will make sure to send you the recipe this weekend..let me know how u like it :)