08 July 2009

Daily musings

I started writing this post just after Canada Day (1st of July) but didnt finish until today...posting it as is!

Back to work today after a lovely Canada Day holiday yesterday..one of those days when the Canadian spirit and the maple leaf rides high...the fact that its in Summer makes the celebrations even more enjoyable (not sure if they planned it that way though)!

Anywho, met this nice lady bus driver on my way to work...she kept saying 'Good morning' and 'Have a nice day' at each and every stop, that too at the top of her voice...the bus I take stops at every other block so you can imagine why I admire her vocal cords!...i am guessing the bus stops at atleast 50 odd stops, so I think she was in a really good mood to go on like that!!....I didnt have my book today with me and so I put on my MP3 player and do the next best thing...look out of the window you say??Of course not, I stare at the other people in the bus...not those 'I-want-to-make-you-uncomfortable' kind of stares but just quick, sizing-up ones..you see, I like to think that I can study personalities and this is one of the ways I do that (atleast this is what I like to think to myself).

Anywho, I was looking around and saw how most women were carrying these neat little purses...I envy this type, I tell you...anyone who has met me knows I just cant manage with those teeny-tiny ones..there was one time when I had such a big one, N called it a suitcase...when I told him my dear colleague at work complemented me on the purse and called it 'Hollywood style', he told me she must be joking...hmmpf...as if N is a bollywood handbag expert...(by the way, this same colleague carries a really small purse...hopefully she wasnt joking!)

So, cut to today, I decide to peep into my purse to check if I can get rid of anything...here's what I find there:
-My lunchbox, including a fruit
-My cell, my bus pass, house keys, MP3 player, my sunglasses
-My comb, a little lip balm, a small cold cream (??), two different types of lipsticks(???), a compact powder (I swear i didnt know I had all these things in there...anyone who knows me will also know that I never really use any of this once I step out of the house...no wonder my bag is full)
-a pen, some hand tissues, a bracelet
-three different take-out menus and a free coupon (haha)
-and this one tops the list: a receipt for a meal we had in India during our visit in Jan this year!!

My my, I had no idea my purse was this cluttered...I came home and tried to clean it up...the only thing i got myself to throw was the menus and the Indian bill.....the rest is still in there...the never-going-to-be-used comsetics are still waiting for their turn to come :)



Aadi said...

at the end of this post i can only say that... i m expecting to see a cleaner purse the next time i visit..! :P loll.. :) just kidding..! good post and the subject has been nicely put up! :)

Kapil said...

Nice! :)

Vinaya said...

I am telling you, its a clean purse..just very cluttered..doesnt make sense, does it?

Thanks yaar...hopefully Aarti is better than me at this :)