10 July 2009

Trip Update: 9 days to go

Just wanted to give a quick update on the trip....the countdown has begun...9 days to go (its 7 for N, but this is my blog so its my countdown)....the flights and hotels are booked..we did this about three weeks back and since we have done nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No trip planning
No laundry
No packing
No money arrangements

N, the planning freak is doing only half of that...freaking out...not planning...and I am too lazy and dis-organised to anything anyways...but the trip fever is slowly setting in..might just wake up the traveller-cum-packer inside me...who knows? :D



Aadi said...

See.. the entire list she spoke of, each of which starts with an 'N'... so i think 'N' has got the hint that its to be done by him... lol... all the best to N!

nilesh said...

Aadi...I guess u know our traveller too well...I really hope that hidden packer also wakes up soon now....lol

Aadi said...

the hidden packer seems to wake up.. but it wakes up when its time to leave..! :) till then the hidden packer tries to find other packers and get things done (cheap labor u see).. :)

Shamika said...

No need to make any money arrangements - use ur debit cards at ATM machines. You get the best rate that way.

Vinaya said...

Looks like you are getting better at reading between the lines..wish N could do so too!!

I'll talk to you directly!

Thanks for the tip yaar..we are thinking of taking a few Euros/Danish Kroners as 'just in case' for the initial part of the trip...Euro is expensive 'man'!:)

Aarti said...

i remember ur packing session before going to goa..plz remember to pack his favourite AND MATCHING pair of shirts/trousers/jeans whatever..otherwise ur gone...
and N, instead of just putting both the hands on ur waist and roaming around, u can as well help for packing...;)