30 June 2009

Thinks and thoughts

So here's the part of my book review for 'The Constant Princess' I chopped: (and whether or not anyone reads the book, I did want to pass on these thoughts):

Say you care:

I must admit, being a woman, I could almost feel Katherine's heartache and pain when she loses Arthur. Can you imagine the pain?...to find that 'someone' you love so intimately, your soul mate and then lose them by a stroke of fate? It made me realise that having our loved ones around should not always be taken for granted and now might be a better time than any other to let them know how much they mean to you....those of us who fight and bicker for petty things might be a little more considerate if we realise these are precious moments we are wasting!..I dont believe in acting lovey-dovey all the time, but I do agree that thinking of the bigger picture (i.e. each of us have are here on a limited time offer) will make us nicer people....think about it!

Peace is the only ending:
At some point in the book, Katherine (Gregory, really) thinks 'War does not answer war, war does not finish war. The only ending is peace'. If only these stupid politicians and terrorists understood this....if they knew that by harboring religious hatred and violence, all they are doing is nurturing an insatiable beast...what kind of a world do we think we will leave behind for the coming generations?...anywho, wont get too carried away here (after the mumbai blasts, its difficult not to)...but I do wish there is more peace in this world...reminds me of John Lennon's 'Imagine'...check out the video here!

Say yes to the girl child:
King Henry VIII (yes, the same amorous, disgusting king husband) ended up divorcing Katherine for not producing a male heir...didnt matter that she had a daughter..didn't matter that she suffered through a number of miscarriages/stillborns...all he wanted was a boy and heir (what the heck!!!)...sad to say. we are in the 2000s now and nothing has changed...I have heard so many stories about people, especially Indians, who will keep on going till they have a boy child....then there are others who wont hesitate to kill a female child....what a sin!!....Also makes me thank God for giving me the loveliest parents who were content with two girls!



nilesh said...

hmmmm....lots of N bashing going on here...don't worry I will still read ur blogs haha....anyway jokes apart now that I read it properly without any distractions I must admit that you have got this hidden talent of a writer :). This book review is very well written, well thought out. I think I should start taking ur reading more seriously ;-). Good work dear keep it up.
(BTW I still envy that king man....lucky *&^%#@! lol)

Archu said...

Loved your views Vinaya and also the manner you've tried to portray them.....

Aadi said...

Hmm... good review and thots! Breaking the post in two did work... :) but i envy the king as well... 6 strokes of good luck (or bad luck) i must say!

Vinaya said...

Thanks thanks thanks :D

Thanks so much yaar..I am so glad you liked it!

too much of anything is bad..so dont be envious :)

Priyanka said...

Loved the review and your exchange with N a lot...must say you certainly do have a flair for writing. Guess "The Constant Princess" isn't really my kinda reading...nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your thoughts.
And wanted to throw a googly at @ N...tell him he'll have to read 6 blogs that'll come with the 6 wives ;-) Now the whole idea of 6 wives doesn't seem all that appealing...does it?

Shamika said...

Good one missy! I have a request - post ur recipe for the famous banana bread.... p l e a s e!!

Vinaya said...

Appreciate the appreciation :) ....and nilesh got clean bowled with the googly...now toh he doesnt want to even think of the six wives theory!

U wont believe it, but I am planning to bake one tomorrow or day after....will post the recipe soon :)

nilesh said...

kucch bhi,,,hey Priyanka m not worried abt 6 blogs cuz just imagine six women together.....there will soooo much gossip to discuss....none will have time to even think abt writing a blog....lol ;-)