10 July 2009

There's a zoozoo in my house!!

what's a zoozoo, you say???Well, thats exactly what I asked A, my dear sis-in-law, when she told me that she calls her kiddo a 'zoozoo'...(that's my sweetie little 4-month old niece....i personally like to call the little munchkin 'gol gappa'...she is a golu and loves to yap...so I think that's a better name for the cutiepie than zoozoo)...anyways, I ask A what on the earth is a zoozoo and she says 'Look up on the net and you will know'.

So we looked it up and found that they are these kind-of-animated characters in Vodafone TV ads in India...found a short write-up about them here....I guess those of you from India already know about them but it was completely new for us...and as i look at the clips, I realise I have one in my house!!!!!!!!

Well, the one in my house isn't all white and is 6 ft tall, but:
~It plays as **both** players in online tennis games just like in the clip here
~It dances exactly like the one in the clip here (totally entertaining...but only I get to see these dances...its a special perk I get for getting married to this zoozoo)
~It gets upset just like this one when I mess up the driving directions :(

and just like the ones in the ads, the one is my house totally adorable too :D

Right, N?



Aadi said...

waah..finally i got to know what a 'zoozoo' is! It was enlightening.. :) and entertaining as well.. good job..

nilesh said...

All you bachelors (Aadi, Amit) now know what all acts u have to perform later...so enjoy ur bachelors life now...Amol has smile on his face that he is not alone....Kapil's eyes are wide open (jor ka jhatka...)...lol ;-)

Vinaya said...

N, dont scare the poor bachelors and the newly weds..besides, this is the problem with 'shaadi ka laddoo'..no one can resist it and then everyone who eats it has a problem!:D

Sarita Khadye said...

Good that you share information about zoozoo.. they are really cute and funny to watch:)..and speacially on your blog its very funny:)

Aarti said...

i totally agree with V...N is a complete zoozoo..hehe...
and i hadnt seen some of the zoozoo links that u have given..the dance one is tooo good..:))