28 June 2009

tak, grazie, merci

Thats thanks in Danish, Italian and French (I am trying to learn a little of these languages before the trip and this is all I have learnt so far...I am pretty quick you see!!)

Thanks for all the kind words and appreciation..I always knew I was blessed with incredibly supportive family and friends, I just didnt think it would be this good!

Deeply touched,

P.S. The next phrase on my list to learn is 'I dont speak Danish/ Italian/ French'...quite an useful one to know, I say!!
I am also trying to get N to learn them, but being a language un-enthusiast, all he plans to say is 'I only speak English'...we'll see which works better!!

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Aarti said...

hey..it works well...atleast it worked for me..i learnt 2 words in telugu.."telugu raadu"..that means i dont know telugu..u just say that and these ppl either spkin english..or direct u to someone who nows english or hindi..and the coincidence is..Nitin always says "hindi hindi"..hehe