30 June 2009

A conversation and some post-chops!

So I hit the 'publish post' button for my book review on The Constant Princess and I dash to N (who seems to be doing something serious on his laptop):

Me: N, I finished writing my first real post. Could you read it and let me know what you think?
N: Of course I'll read it, am I not your biggest supporter? I promised you that I would read it even if no one else does!
Me (eyes almost filled with tears of gratitude): Awww...I am so lucky!!

5 mins later, I cant wait any longer:

Me: So what do you think?? Bolo, bolo!
N: heyy...I didnt know I had to read it 'right now'...can I atleast finish my online cricket match?
Me (temperature rising a little now... but thats not how you get things done...so i put on a sad puppy face...remember, women dont act how they think..blah blah??): I value your feedback so much....I was hoping to have it!

The sad puppy face works, N reluctantly pauses his cricket (no wonder he looked serious; I should have known he wasnt doing work)

N: OMG....its this long?????? (anyone who might not know, N hates reading)
Me: Ya, now read it!
N (incredulous): Oh wow, this King had 6 wives!!!!!!!!!!!??????
Me: Ya, but dont get too excited...that was him and you are you...you better be content with what you have!
N (with a look of resignation): hmm..some people have all the luck in this world

After what seems like forever, N finishes reading the post:

N: What do you want? the truth or the praise?
Me: Cant I get both?
N: Not for this one
Me (souring a little now): Okay give me the truth first!
N: its too damn long..who here has the time???!!!!!!!!!
Me: Hmmmm....and the praise?
N: Its good...and I'll read it, am I not your biggest supporter? I promised you that I would read it even if no one else does!!!!
Me: Ya ya, whatever!! Thats the second time you said that in 5 mins..have you learnt them by heart??
N (looking highly suspicious now): nahi nahi...they come straight from my heart!!

Barely 10 seconds pass by,
N: But tell me, how did this King get away with 6 marriages????
Me: Oh dont you start again...besides, think of the alimony you will have to pay....and I, my dear husband, will make sure I get the most!!!
N (realising he has no chance...a pretty bright guy that he is, he is quick to see a problem and puts on a sweet little face): Nahi nahi, main toh general knowledge badha raha tha!!

Anyways, it all ended well...I chopped up the post into two....and N realised that he is stuck with me for life...poor thing went back to online cricket!!

Sad to have done the chopping,


Aadi said...

Excellent! This was fun reading. I loved it. reading ur previous post on the book was a task in itself.. it was so serious that i had resigned as well..! :)

Vinaya said...

Aadi, you are in the same category as N...mazhya mehenatichi kadarach nahi re!:(

Aarti said...

eventhough i have the busiest schedule than you all,i had read the earlier post,and i liked it. It was supposed to be a book review and so it was.and a good one also.the idea of chopping it into 2 is good though.coz the book review and thoughts remain seperate and ppl like N can read whatever they like.

but the best part was the conversation..:))
After i read this line "After what seems like forever, N finishes reading the post" i laughed loudly..alone!! hehe

u knw Vinaya,all guyz are the same...when i discussed abt this blog and the posts with Nitin, u knw what he said?? "i guess Nilesh must be very busy with his PhD work and he doesnt want to be bothered by Vinaya"..how mean..X-((

anyways..i"ll read all ur posts and give real feedback..so keep posting..:)

luv A

Aarti said...

looks like a pretty long comment...do i also ramble.....

Vinaya said...

Ek tu hi hai re meri supporter...and tell nitin ki N really was playing online cricket...PhD cha kaam karat asta tar pakavla nasta :D

Bhupendra Khadye said...

Hi V,
I liked your blog on “Thinks and thoughts”. It’s really short and meaningful. I am agreeing with N comments, since I also do not like reading much.;-) But his frank opinion and your talent to make it short and meaningful is really admirable.
I must compliment on your conversation, it’s an excellent idea to have some fun time while reading some serious thoughts ;-). You rocks!! Keep going.