26 June 2009

Happy beginings

Finally, I did it! I set-up my own blog....something I have been wanting to do for a long time but haven't followed up in reality. Anyone who knows me, especially N (my better? half) will know this is pretty normal....there are so many things that I announce to do and which end up being nothing more than 'just announcements'. The first time I made such an 'announcement' about going to the Gym, N was ecstatic...by the fifth one (which, by the way, was just last month), N didn't even as much as nod (totally un-encouraging, I say!!).

Anywho, with this blog, I have now alteast climbed the first step..I now hope to combine my fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh passions (hmm..I didn't realise I was this passionate), food, travel, books and writing..what can be better than this??Those of you wondering, N, my family and my work come before anything else....and in that order.

So what I am doing these days?
Food: This whole week, I have been eating food I made myself (am a better eater than a food maker) so nothing too exciting here!
Books: Am reading the 'Constant Princess' by Phillipa Gregory...an interesting read so far
Travel: Planning for a 2-week trip at end of Jul to Copenhagen-Rome-Venice-Paris....most exciting but also quite tiring (as N and I are planning our own trip and that too, on a budget).
More: Praying for a 'real summer'...its been pretty gloomy in Vancouver this week but the sun seems to have come out of its shadows today...looks like my prayers are being answered

Whoa...my first post is all done..am so proud of myself (don't think I am being vain....since nobody else might say this, I need a little bit of 'pat on the back' to keep myself going...otherwise, this might end up being another 'gym story'.

More later,

P.S. It seemed like a longgg post as I was writing it...but the published post looks pretty tiny...is it just me or has that happened to others too??I wonder


Aadi said...

nice V... keep up the good work..! this being ur first blog, u seem to have done a gr8 job (a non blogger.. lol)! keep blogging...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Aadi...i knew i could on you for some brotherly support!

vipanchi said...

Wow!! I know how it is when you dream about something and finally make it.. yea I know about the Gym, but trust me you do so many things without annoucing.. you rock Vinaya :)

nilesh said...

Awesome start dear! Keep up the good work. Full marks to you for being able to manage work and hobby at the same time. Looking forward for the upcoming post :-)


Archu said...

Hey V,
This is gr8....congrats on ur new venture. Very well written. Must say, one more of your hidden talent is now exposed.
Only thing that I disagree here is about you saying that "you are a better eater than a food maker". For all those strangers out there, V is definitely an excellent cook and am sure all those who know her personally and/or had the privilege to taste the delicious dishes cooked by her, will definitely agree with me on this.
V....I look forward to read your food section particularly. Also try to highlight the Europe tour details in the travel section of your forthcoming blogs.
Keep up the excitement going :)
A friend

Mux said...

Hi V..

Interesting nick name..not fussy at all eh!
Nice to see u blogging...and it was a wonderful read too..
only disappointment being ur europe trip does not include england..u shd hve planned to come 2 London..so that i cd have had a chance to meet u and N :)

anyways...since u hve started europe trips..hopefully sometime soon, we would meet again.

FYI - Europe is scorching at the moment..so come prepared!!

Once again,good wrk on the blog..

keep it up!

Lots of love,

kapil said...

Great thing to start on my birthday!! :)
looking forward to many more reads. The first one was a nice / great / superb read I would say ;)


amolmk said...

Good work Vinaya.
Keep it up and we look forward to reading more interesting stuff out here soon.
best wishes,

Aarti said...

i like ur style of writing..guess it reflects the books u read...
u knw what..i m worse in making announcements..i started blogging in 2007, wrote a test post and thats the end of it..hehe..so u r faaaar better..keep going ..i knw ur posts are going to be intresting.!!

Shamika said...

Gerat start. Looking forward to reading more about all your adventures! Europe trip sounds really good. Can I come along as well?

Keep it up

Vinaya said...

hanks Vipanchi,
You have no idea how many announcements I make :D Fortunately no one other than N knows..hehe..but all in all, I do hope to keep this going strong!

N, thanks thanks thanks!!:D

Arch, I always knew you would like the Food (re)views better..also, the EU trip posts should be coming soon..so stay tuned!:)

You wont believe this but I was thinking of you and UK when we were putting the application in...its too bad we cant meet this time, but there's always a next time! thanks for the heat tip too :S

Thanks so much...for once, I get some words of appreciation from you..haha...hopefully there will be more!

Thank you brother!:D

Thanks yaar..be feel to critique...and next time you want to write a blog and not let it die..just make it public, the appreciation will make sure you will keep going!

Thanks re..am excited about the EU trip..i know you guys went to Italy a few yrs back..any tips for the novices??

Bhupendra Khadye said...

Hi V,
I read your blog and I liked it not just because your way of writing is superb but also when I read it, I can imagine all the scene and I become a part of that scene. You have put forward your thoughts in very simple and appropriate words. I really appreciate your efforts to do that. Keep going. eagerly waiting for next :) All the Best!!!

Bhupendra Khadye said...

I dont understand why my name is Bhupendra Khadye..any way doesnt matter its one and the same..:)

Amit said...

Hey V,

Good one! Keep it up... waiting eagerly for ur next posts (and also u hitting the gym) :)

AD (if u want will remove D in the next comment)

Vinaya said...

I am so glad you liked the post..I just wrote what came to my mind (that too in office at lunch-time)...so you can well imagine my suprise to see all the comments!

the posts will keep coming for sure..the gym thing, that I cannot promise :D ...and your 'D' stays, no matter what!!!

But wait... Theres more!! said...

hey vinaya! your blogs are so much fun to read! and i don't even eat fish!! happy writing!