13 November 2009

Let's take a moment to remember

It was Remembrance day in Canada yesterday...once a year, on this day, Canadians remember and honour their soldiers lost in wars & battles. Everywhere all around poppies are sold as an act of remembrance to fallen soldiers at war.To read more about Remembrance Day, click here.

'Poppy' picture taken from here

I wish we had something like this in India...could we not add one day to the long list of the existing religious holidays where we honoured our brave soldiers? It need not even be a holiday for that matter!...if we can adopt all the Mother's day/Father's day/Valentine's day from the West , why not inherit something more meaningful like the Remembrance Day? (dont get me wrong, I think these are great too...but I dont really need just one day in a year to take a step back and let my loved ones know that I love them!)

Anywho, whether or not we ever end up spending a full day commemorating our brave soldiers, lets at least take a moment to thank:
-all the brave soldiers who gave up their lives so that we can be safe
-all the brave soldiers who continue to live a life of hardship and danger so that we can be safe
-and finally, all the families who let these brave soldiers go so that we can be safe

An Indian soldier at the Taj hotel, Mumbai on 26/11 last year, picture from here.

Lets be thankful. That's the least we can do anyways.



Banu said...

You are right Vinaya. We should have Remembrance day for all those great soldiers. Lets all be thankful to all of them. Wish such a day will come soon.

nilesh said...

As a matter of fact, we actually do have such a day called Martyrs Day. It is celebrated in India on January 30th every year. Unfortunately not many people even know about this. Neither does our media cares about it as they can not generate same kind of masala or "breaking news" out of it I guess.


Vinaya said...

Banu, Nilesh,
Thanks for your thoughts...i really do hope we end up appreciating our courageous armed forces a little more!