26 November 2009

A book review (Scavenger by David Morrell), some unfinished business and lots of crappy weather

Long title, you think? Well, by now you should know about 'me and my laziness' (its on the same lines as Amitabh's 'main aur meri tanhaiyee'...looks like my laziness and AB's tanhaiyee will never ever leave us!)...well, I am feeling too lazy to split up the updates..hence the combo post!

Now, a part of my laziness (just a small part..most of it is God's gift..sigh!) is because of the crappy Vancouver weather we have had to endure in the last 2-3 weeks...its as dull as the Ranbir-Katrina starrer Ajab Prem ki gajab kahani (sorry if I hurt any sentiments there...but the movie was a total bomb for me)....and to add to the grey skies, we have had visits from Aunty Bigdrops Rain and Uncle Gusty Windy all week long....a recipe for foul mood, I tell you!..as for me, I am okay on the mood swings...just a little more lazier-than-usual.

Picture taken from: http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/

Now for the book review...well, I finished reading it last week. It is a New York best seller and a thriller-mystery kind of book by David Morrell, a writer apparently quite well-known in the world of fiction thrillers (this was the first time I read his work). Morrell's hero, Frank Balenger is forced on scavenger hunt for a 100 year old time capsule by an unknown 'Game Master' in order to save his love Karen. Overall, the book is a pretty fast paced, interesting read, though I found it a bit too fictional in some parts....a video game gone extreme!Read the book to find out more about time capsules, scavenger hunts, Frank Belanger and the Game Master.

That brings me to the final part..my unfinished business...there were two mammoth books I started to read over the last few weeks and inspite of loving the story lines, could not finish them...library timelines, you see:
- Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts (936 pages....I loved the part I read and have promised myself to go back)
- A suitable boy by Vikram Seth (1349 pages...finished reading just the first 150)


P.S. Even as I am writing this post over lunch, the sun seems to have come out of the clouds outside the office windows....yipee!!!

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Vidula said...

Vinaya, I have read suitable boy long time back (probably I was in 12th or or even younger? Dont really remember...when was the book published?)and frankly did not really like it much. Felt toooooo long and dry. Did you finish it? Did you like it? And I wonder if you read marathi books as well? I read "To kill a mockingbird" about a year back and absolutely loved that book (though it's an old classic). If you have not read it, I would strongly recommend that. Timeless problems of discrimination, selfishness, different emotions, value system, ethics, all seen through the eyes of a young girl of 10-12 years....and with a dash of humor in everything