16 November 2009

Breakfast idea: Banana buns

Breakfasts feature pretty high on N’s-and-my-argument list…like any couple, we have a long list of issues about which we fight and debate…and breakfast is pretty high on our list. If you are wondering how such a seemingly benign meal can spark debates, you should see N and me!

Well, pre-marriage, N was used to lovely breakfasts each morning....N’s ma is an amazing cook and one of the most tireless people I have met..she wakes up early in the mornings and makes sure the family has a lovely breakfast to start the day with…circa post-marriage, N has to be content with bread-butter-biscuits-kind-of-breakfast....sweet thing that he is, after three years of marriage, he has now come to terms with it!:)

Anywho, I am now getting a little better at this meal than I was three years back, so I guess I can say I am trying to bridge the divide!...during one such search for easy breakfast ideas, I came across Ashwini's banana buns....these are not-too-sweet, deep-fried banana puris and go amazingly well with a garam cup of chai!..the best part about making these is that the dough is made the previous night so all you have to do is roll out the puris and fry them in the morning (it took me just under 20 mins in the morning to make them from start to finish) and even though they are deep fried, they were totally non-greasy!...perfect, I say!!

For the recipe, please click here to go to Ashwini's blog.

For my breakfast, here are the pics:
Needless to say, this was one morning N and I didn't bicker over the big 'B' :)



myspace said...

hey vinaya,
this looks yum and we call it malpua/pua in northern side. we add dryfruits especially raisins, almonds and sometimes also panfry/shallowfry it. but truly easy and yummy snack for my little one too...good thought...vidhu

Vinaya said...

hi Vidhu,

I L-O-V-E malpuas (the high calories notwithstanding) I wish we would get them here!

Aarti said...

i tried this one and it turned out really really good! i had 2 overripe bananas..so gave it a shot...
Nitin liked em...and Hima and her hubby also loved them...
Nice breakfast idea!

Vinaya said...

Hey Aarti,
I am so glad you liked them...its a nice change from the usual breakfast menu, isnt it?