10 October 2009

Time to say some thanks!

Its Thanksgiving in Canada this Monday...unlike Americans who celebrate Thanksgiving in November, Canadians express their gratitude in October...traditionally, this was an occasion to celebrate the harvest and give thanks for a successful bounty of crops....this Monday, my Canadians colleagues and friends will be enjoying time with their families, stuffing themselves with turkey and pumpkin pies!! Lovely, I say!!

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N & I will be celebrating Diwali this weekend....but then its never a bad idea to express your thanks, right?? I strongly feel that in Indian culture, one of the things we lack is sincere expression of our gratitude....while the Western culture is very vocal about the things they are grateful for, we tend to assume that everyone should just know ('whats-the-need-to-say-thanks?-they-should-know-how-I-feel' syndrome).

So here are my top five things I want to be thankful for (in no particular order):

a. N.....my love, my friend, philosopher and guide....Do I need to say anything more?
b. My family, especially mine and N's parents....I could not have asked for nicer parents
c. My work...without which my gray cells would rust
d. My blog....for giving me a platform to express myself
e. My Guru...my spiritual anchor for giving me my inner strength

So many people and things to thank for and so little words!

Whats on your list? Give it some thought...believe me, its worth the effort!


P.S. I am also very very thankful for the long weekend, of course!!:)


nilesh said...

Thank you dear!!!! :-)

Aadi said...

Nice blog..! :) Yes, we rarely think about ppl or things we shud b thankful for... and thanksgiving is a real good occasion to do that! Happy Thanksgiving!!! :)

Sharmista said...

Nicely expressed..indeed praiseworthy.
Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Diwali.

Vinaya said...

Thank YOU!..and you can give me some thanks too ;)

you are so right...a very happy thnaksgiving to you too!!

Thanks so much...festival wishes to you too dear!!

Sarita Khadye said...

kharch chan lihila aahe.. thodkyat ani mahatyache..very expressive and true feelings of yours.

Swati said...

Hi Vinaya

You may not recognise me but I was your one batch junior at BCP (Sarita/Alice/Priyanka/Rhushikesh's batch. I used to borrow notes from one of your friend Chandralekha!! Currently I am pursuing PhD from UICT. Actually me and my Mam Prof .Padma devarajan happened to meet Nilesh in Copenhagen for CRS but he will not be able to recognized me as well as we have never interacted much before.
I happen to see your blog through orkut and felt really nice after reading the content you have posted on it, specially this thanksgiving!! I am totally in agreement with you about the syndrome you have mentioned about!!! Keep posting good views!!