14 October 2009

Rava Dosa- restaurant ishtyle!

Last Monday, N & I were invited to one of our Bengali friend's house for lunch...anyone who has Bengali friends should know how much these folks love their food (on second thoughts, its not just them...ALL Indians absolutely LOVE their food!!)...anywho, after a bigggg meal of chicken, fish, veggies, rice, cheesecake, misthi doi, N and I were heavy as stones!

Come dinner-time and both N and I wanted 'something light'...so I rummaged the fridge and in keeping with my typical-weekend-fridge-situation, I find no groceries left!!!After a little bit of thinking, I finally decided to use two staples you will always find in my kitchen no matter what...rice flour and rava...and then used them to make rava dosa!!....I love this one because this is a jhatpat recipe (no fermentation involved)...and all you need is a good nonstick tawa/girdle and a clean set of hands!!

For the recipe, I combined two recipes from the blogosphere:
1. For the ingredients, I followed Usha's Veginspirations recipe from here....my tweak to the recipe? I didn't add any flax, instead went with some fresh coconut and cashews to get the restaurant feel
2. For the actual dosa making, I followed Sanjay's VahreVah procedure...interestingly, rava dosa recipe calls for sprinkling of the batter, unlike the typical dosas which involve spreading the batter in a circle on the girdle. Check out the video here.

The final product looked like this....I served it with some coconut chutney:

A closer view

The dosas turned out fabulously light and crispy, just like the restaurant ones...N and I gobbled down quite a few(out went the 'eating light' funda)...and when i asked N how he liked the dosas, he said they were 'totally blogworthy'!!!:D


P.S. I realized yesterday that I haven’t posted anything about food of late (and when the blog name beings with the word ‘Food’, this is just not done!!!)


Usha said...

Hi Vinaya, I am glad you tried this recipe and liked it, seems to have turned out very well!

Kapil said...

Looks really tempting!
Wish you and N a 'blogworthy' Diwali and a 'blogable' year ahead!! :)

Vinaya said...

Thanks so much..the recipe is too good!

arre sacchi sahi banaa tha..wishing you a sansari diwali too :D

Priyanka said...

Nice to read ur blogs after ages..
Seems like u're an ardent follower of Sanjay Thumma as well - Shantesh and I often try out his recipes. I think his recipes r quite good n also provide the occasional comic relief ;-) I love his Hyderabadi biryani recipe where he starts sobbing coz the food is sooo good!
Nyway, Happy Diwali to you n N...may the New Year bring you lots of happiness and prosperity!

Vinaya said...

Thanks Priyanka,
I cant call myself Thumma's ardent fan but we have tried a couple of his recipes and they came out quite well...his passion is seriously funny though!
Here's wishing you and Shantesh a lovely Diwali too!