28 October 2009

Book Review: Eat, Love and Pray by Elizabeth Gilbert

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What do I say about this book? If there ever such thing as a book-writing-soul-sister, Elizabeth Gilbert is mine!!!....we share the same passions- food, language (in fact, we are as specific as loving Italian..most of my friends like French but I like Italian~ohh...I don't understand a word but I just love the sounds of the language), spirituality and love!..Now wouldn't that qualify me to be a blog-writing-soul-sister to this book-writing-soul-sister?:D

The book narrates Gilbert's feelings and experience as she travels across Italy, India and Indonesia in search of herself following a bitter divorce and a failed rebound romance (the book cover says its her search for'everything' but its really her own true self she ends up searching). Gilbert's writing is funny, heart-warming and candid-something I thoroughly enjoy! I loved how she neither blamesnor credits anyone but herself for her life- something we all should realise too....aren't we,after all, the makers of our destinies?

Whether or not anyone reads the book (not everyone may want to read about a woman, her feelings and her spirituality), I wanted to pass on some very interesting thoughts that stayed with me even after I finished reading the book:
Eat (indulge yourself):
Contrary to the social norm, Gilbert (and in the past few years of married life, I too), think each one of us should do something each day, or least once in a while, just for our own selves....mind you, I am not talking about being self centred or selfish here...just that we do something that gives us some pleasure....many-a-times, we (especially women) forget that we have our own loves and choices...all I am saying is we don't forget indulging our own pleasures...doesn't matter what it is- read a book, watch a movie, go on a shopping spree, cook a meal, play a game, sing, dance...as long as it is therapeutic! Like my wise friend at work, V, says: wouldn't a happier me have a better chance of making everyone else around happier too?

Pray (stay connected)
This one I love: Gilbert says don't try to change your personality just for aping someone...of course there are better people around but try to find whats your best trait and enhance it...if God wanted you to have another personality, he would have given it you!..just stay connected with your soul, try be yourself and try to be good, the rest just falls into place!

Love (be open)
Finally, never shut the door on love....you never know when it could come knocking! and I am not talking just the romantic love here...love in all forms and shapes, be it from your parents, your friends, your siblings, your kiddos- is precious!!!Hold on to those delicate strings cause they have the strength to save you should you ever fall!

Sorry folks if this seems like philosophy blabber but I couldn't resist...I absolutely loved the book! My funda in life is exactly the same- pleasure, laughter and a little bit of spirituality. Read the book if you these three things excite you as well!

Happy reading,

P.S. Has anyone else read this book? Wondering what they thought about it!


shilpa said...

hi vinaya,shilpa here.. i happened by chance to read ur blog on making rava dosa.. i should thnks a million to you as earlier i never knew the methd of preparing this dosa andit always used to turn out as regular dosa and not like the one u get in a restaurant.. that bubbled layer kind.. i dint knew u hd to sprinke the batter.. after reading your blog, i tried it by making a thin batter andit really turned out awesome.. again thnks a lot..my kid happily has it now..as earlier he used to make faces seeing that thick dosa.. no wonder, even i got that readymade rava dosa batter of MTR .. it never turned out thinner and bubbled..coz i ver knew the method..

do keep writing., helps people like me who dont knw much abt novel cookings.. thnks a lot...

Vinaya said...

Hey Shilpa,
Am so happy you liked the dosa!!..this was exactly my idea of starting the blog..there are so many amazinggg recipes/books/places out there and I wanted to share my experiments/experiences with everyone!

your comment made my day :D


nilesh said...

Very well written V. Keep it up!


Archu said...

I'll definitely read this one. Seems to be an interesting read. Thanks for the reviews V.

Ashwini said...

Join the Book Lovers Club Vinaya. I will search for this one in our Library (wonder if they would have it thought). Your review is good. I have heard so much about this Book that its high time I block a copy for myself.

Ashwini said...

Second thoughts - do not know if this interests you but nonetheless wanna share, there is a nice book getting released in next couple of days based on a similar genre written by Gretchen Rubin - The Happiness Project. Go through her blog should you want to, worth a read.

Vinaya said...

you are welcome..would love to know your thoughts when you are done reading it

If you like reading, I would definitely recommend this book...i thought it was a stunner!