11 April 2010

Poll verdict

After my rants in the last post, here's what my readers had to say about my blog:

- Everyone loves my writing (yooohoooo...shammi kapoor ishstyle!)

- Almost everyone would like to see me post once a week (fortunately, no one chose the option 'never ever' so that gives me a yooohooo!!!)

- As far as the preference for post topic, people seem to like all four categories (though there was a marginal preference for food posts)

- 75% have tried or plan to try my food recipes (I am guessing the remaining 25% didn't vote for the food posts)

- 75% love my book reviews- 25% consider them 'whatever'! Oui oui!

- Everyone, without any exceptions, loves my 'More' posts (looks like everyone enjoys reading about uselessness as I much as I do :))

- Finally, the average reader thinks my blog rates 7/10 (there were a few who gave it a 9 rating but I will be modest here)

With this, I accept the 'junta ka faisla'. I guess this means that, whether you like it or not, you will be seeing more of me in the future (hoping to write once a week).

Thanks to each and everyone of you for taking the time to fill out the survey and giving me an idea of what you think about my blog. There were more responses than I had hoped for and way-too-nice things about the blog there than I had expected.

And yes, if you have nicer things to say to me, remember no one's stopping you :)


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