30 March 2010

Lessons learnt and a poll

Anyone wondered where I have disappeared of late? Not really? hmm, doesn't help my ego you know? Did no one miss my posts and writing and food? REALLY?? Well, its been a good nine months since I started my baby blog..whew! And in the last nine months, I have posted 50-odd posts: on topics close to my heart. So what have I learnt?

- I am lazy.
I can barely manage a post a week- this is my second post in the whole of March. When I look at some of the fellow-bloggers pumping as many as two posts a day, I want to crawl under the bed. Not a bad idea actually- b’cause I will crawl there and most probably sleep :)

- My writing is…..well, just that- my writing.
Yes, sweet little readers have come back and complimented me on my style and humor. But lets face it- I am neither a Shakespeare nor a Johnny Lever. I can write a little and I laugh a little- but the words ‘little’ are key!

- My food photography skills are dismal.
I blame N for this. No, really. I know my pics will look so much better with an SLR camera but he refuses to buy me one. We have a perfectly functioning, really lovely point-and-shoot digicam and he refuses to share my belief that only SLR cams can shine the light on my food. ‘The cams only shoot what you make’, he says. I suspect this is directed at the food I make- he knows he cant openly challenge my food (his daily eating supplies are at risk here) so he throws this meek taunt around. I don’t care what he does- N is to blame for my sad food photos. That’s the final word on this!

- I digress.
Anyone noticed how my blog title has the word 'Travel' in it? and that I have only 6 (out of 50) posts on travelling? I know I write more about 'More (i.e. useless)' things in life but I cant help it...just like this this guy here.

So here's an appeal to you, my readers:
I have added a poll at the very top in the right side column. Answer it for me and help me know what you think of my blog and my writing (good things, not-so-good things, whatever). All responses will be completely anonymous so write what you wish. I'll take it if I like it, and let it float away if I don't :)

Looking forward to god-knows-what-my -readers-think-about-my-blog,

P.S. You want to know how crazy blogging can get? Check this out..haha:

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Rujuta said...

Hi V
Taken the survey and have also written my name so u know :))
Dont really bieleve in anonymous surveys.......