26 January 2010

A trip down the memory lane

Just as N and I sat down for our dinner last night, he announced that there was nothing interesting for us to watch over dinner. For any 'watching-TV-while-having-dinner' critics out there, we have tried the so-called 'let just talk- no more TV' tactic...it lasted for exactly 5 mins...the forced talking made us feel like idiots..and on came the idiot box!

Anywho, last night, N and I turned to you-tube and one video led to another, till we came on to this one. Anyone who grew up in the 80's and 90's in India will know exactly what this video is about- the commercials on the one and only national TV at that time, Doordarshan. Some of the DD ad gems: hamara bajaj, rasna, vicco vajrdanti, dabur amla tel, lijjat papad...the list goes on!

There are even more DD-ads nostalgia videos out there..check one out here.

N quickly reminded me of two videos that not one child in those days could have missed:

And remember all the crazy movie songs? Like the Govinda-Neelam song Aap ke aa jaane se? Given how good the music is, I am pretty sure its an 'inspired' tune! Govinda's jhatkas and matkas are to die for :)

N warns me about the abrupt start on the next video...on my part, I just could not believe he had even seen the video before!!!

And a final forgettable-video-superhit-song:

Cant believe how bad the choreography was!or how crazy the hero-heroines were!Not to mention the bad fashion trends they set ablaze- I cant help laughing out loud when I think of dhoti suits, banjaras, divided skirts, or baggie pants. N shakes his head thinking about how coloured slacks were once in fashion!I think the image of fat aunties moving on the roads in those slacks has scarred him forever :):)

But no matter how crazy, all these videos will always bring my most cherished memories..my childhood! A time when life was simple...and innocence and carefree laughter were my regular playmates!

Oh my!!!What a trip..needless to say, this was one dinner, N and I thoroughly enjoyed! Just couldn't help sharing it with you :)



Rachana Kothari said...

What a funny and nostalgic post... I swear, the ads, the songs...everything were crazy but fun...brought a smile on my face and some very good memories:) Thanks!

Rujuta said...

Hi Vinaya

Lovly trip down memory lane... It made me all nostlgic.. i still remember how we would wait for "Chitrahaar" and " Chayyageet".......
today on 26th jan, TOI and Zoom have released " phir mile sur hamara"...i couldn't help remember when we grew up watching " Mile Sur Mere Tumhara" and we knew it by heart so well that we sang along in all languages :)))
Thanks for the lovely trip down memory...

Jagruti said...

Hey Vinya

you reminded me of 80s and 90s my childhood..what you said in your post you are right...a time was simple...yet so memorable..


Sampada said...

Hey Vinaya,

I just came across your blog from your orkut profile. What a great blog, I must say...
Hearty congrats on such a tremendous effort. Keep it up..

Regarding the DD, ads and song.. I am exactly with you guys on this one..

How is N? Give our regards to him


Vinaya said...

I knew this would out a smile on your face..those were some real good old days right?

I know exactly what you mean..remember ek titlee??that was another gem :)

you are so right..I wish I turn back time!

Am so happy you like my space..thanks so much for your lovely words! N is fine, doing a lot of TP as you can see :D. Hope all is well with and S as well!

bloggard said...

My contribution to da cheese!!




Sheetal Kiran said...

OMG, yes! The clothes and the hairstyles ... LOL for some reason I remembered the Maine Pyar Kiya craze, one of my aunts saw that around eight-11 times! She would always be the one getting inspired by the latest fads ... be it in clothes or hair! And I remember she definitely had something similar to what Bhagyashree wore in that movie :D

Vinaya said...

love ur tohfa tohfa tohfa..hehe!mithun and jeetendra's hair and dance moves are mind-numbing!!!

I lovedd MPK for Sallu..fortunately, Bhagyashree's fashion trends didnt rub off on me :)

Vasanti said...

I love this post! You sure sent me down memory lane ...I too grew up with all these around :)