01 January 2013

2013 resolutions

As 2013 begins, I thought it would be a good idea to pen down some of my resolutions for the year. I have been making these in the past but somehow they all vanish from my memory before even the first month finishes. Given that, I decided to post my 2013 resolutions on my blog. Not only will they be a constant reminder once they are put down in writing, my hope is also that the putting them out in the public domain will make me want to stick to them more.

So here we go! (I have 5 for this year)
- Spend less time procrastinating and more time in doing things. It has been my biggest weakness so far and I hope to overcome it this year.
- Learn driving. Not knowing how to drive didnt matter so much in Vancouver where the public transport was awesome but it has limited my mobility severely here in the US.
- Shed 10 pounds by mid-year. Now that I am no longer pregnant or nursing, I have no excuse to justify my extra weight :) It HAS to go!
- Post more regularly on the blog- ideally once a week.
- Jar notes- Inspired by a post I saw on Facebook here, I plan to start my new year with an empty jar and fill it with notes as and when good things happen.. The idea is to empty the jar on 31st Dec 2013 and see all the awesome stuff that happened over the yeaar.

Keeping fingers crossed that I'll stick to these as the year goes by.

Happy 2013 everyone- hope everyone had a wonderful start to the new year. My big wish for the new year is that each one of us be nicer, better versions of ourselves as the year begins.

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Deepa Anand said...

We could be partners in crime in losing weight :-))


Vinaya said...

Definitely Deepa...I would love to have a partner to keep the momentum going! will give you a call & lets decide how we want to go about with it!

Aarti said...

You have one more reason to lose weight..adi's wedding! ;)