08 June 2012

Reason for postlessness: I am a 'Sieve woman'

Anyone wondered why this blog has been dead for so long? Things got really slow after I got pregnant, but I was really hopeful that the momentum would be back after the blog restart last September. Turns out not. And here's why:

Taken from 'Black Milk' by Elif Shafak:
'(A woman) can be as talented as she likes, as fond of art & literature as she likes, but her path as a writer will be strewn with obstacles, small and large. She will have a hard time finding wiggle room in the 'sociable-wife, meticulous-housewife, faithful-mother' box she is expected to fit into. More important, between her womanly tasks and motherly roles, she will not be able to find the time to write. Her whole day will pass with household chores, cooking, ironing, taking care of children, tending to her family responsibilities.....before she knows it, she will be a Sieve Woman, all the time in the world leaking through the holes in her life. In those rare moments when she finds herself alone, she will give in to exhaustion & frustration. How will she write? When will she write?'

Story of my life. 

Plus the fact that I can be a little lazy at times, of course :)

Plan to be back soon. And stay.


notyet100 said...

Can relate to this,..:)

Vinaya said...

Thanks notyet100..I bet you are a mom yourself :)

Avika J Chawla said...

True to a grt extent..that's wat makes us strong finding the time to blog when we don't have any time left in the world..Women Rocks..keep the spirits high..happy blogging..thanks for ur comments..