13 November 2011

Take a break!

Really. Especially the mums.

I came across this touching article on cnn the other day:

Anthony Youn, a plastic surgeon in Metro Detroit, recounts an ER case of Mildred, an elderly woman who let her breast cancer progress too far because she was too busy taking care of her family. Money was an additional limitation as well.  Its heart wrenching. Had to share it- PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO READ IT.

This was a case gone too far but I can totally identify with Mildred's case. I know two such women in life who have always placed other people's welfare before their own: my mum and mum-in-law. Both work tirelessly to this day from morning till night making sure everyone around them is well-fed and comfortable. Its unbelievable how much stuff they get done around the house, and whats more astonishing is that they do it without as much as a murmur and with no expectations whatsoever. I also know for a fact that this is true for all mums around the world- every family has one of these 'glue' mums.

If you are one such woman, take a break or if you happen to know one such woman, encourage them to take one. A well-rested and happy woman will be able to give so much more to the family. And for all the guys who work pretty hard too, you could pause and catch some breath yourself [am not a feminist, just biased towards mums, thats all :)]

After all, we each have just one life. It just not worth wasting it running too hard in the rat race. Even if we win the race, we still end up as rats.

Just not worth it. Take a break instead :)


P.S. This also explains why I didnt post for the last few weeks. I took a break myself :)

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