22 September 2011

Blog Ctrl+Alt+Del!

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After more than a year, I am back on the blogging scene. Oh how I missed my blog-o-baby all this time!!

A lot has happened in the last one year:
-am now a proud mum to a 5 and half month old boy. All this time, everyone told me how much of hard work it is to raise a child and I never quite believed them. 5 months, 22 days after the little V aka 'the tiny-mator' was born, each and every sleep-deprived cell in my body knows!

-we have moved from Vancouver to Boston. Better job opportunities have made us leave the most liveable city on the planet. Our heart misses the amazing, beautiful and warm city that Vancouver is but also hopes to make new friends & memories here in Boston.

Life is in general topsy-turvy. The tiny-mator keeps me on my toes all day and whatever little free time I get is spent in settling in the new place. I must admit that though mommyhood is tons tougher than I thought, its also one of the most rewarding things ever. The first time little V smiled at me, I thought my heart was going to melt and though its been over 4 months since that happened, my heart has never really un-melted to its original state! My mummy dearest (aka granny-mummy to the little one) tells me this is a thing for lifetime now. Oh well!

Anywho, I sorely, honestly, deeply missed my blog all this time. It has been and will always be my creative outlet so something felt really amiss when I stopped posting last year. I hope to be more consistent and regular this time around.

More later. Until then, may the sun shine bright on you, wherever you are!



Sampada said...

Welcome Back, Vinaya..Enjoy your motherhood as much as u can...Glad to know that you and 'V'are doing well..

Vipanchi said...

Nice post momma `V`. Good to see you back! Would you believe if I say I have been waiting for your posts!! I honestly am :) Love the ending punch!!

Vinaya said...

Sampada, Vipanchi,

Thanks so so much girls! Your encouragement should keep me going :))

Bhauji & Maushi said...

Welcome Back to a Nice Blog "V". Hope to read lot more on adventures of "Little V". Keep it up.

Vinaya said...
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Nilesh said...

90% of earlier posts had letter "N" mentioned somewhere. Looks like it is replaced with little "V" now...;-)


Aditya M. Khatkhate said...

Welcome back, V! You are back in the groove... Get Blogging...

Aditya M. Khatkhate said...

Welcome back, V! A very nice warm up blog with all the warmth of a mother... Keep going!