17 September 2009

A quick one!

Have been gone for a bit...I didn't expect to notice but a couple of loyal followers did...made me feel so good!!:D

The past two weeks were busy...went for a course-cum-trip to NY/Philadelphia..came back last weekend...walked for the Terry Fox cancer research run last Sunday and then--believe it or not--have been hitting the gym since Monday!...am interested to see how long before this cloud passes but so far so good!!

Did anyone catch the US open men's singles final? Wasn't del Potro unbelievable??I adore Federer but sometimes it feels good to see the underdog win!

Will be back very soon with more,

1 comment:

Aadi said...

Hey good to see u back in action... :) good to read some new stuff.. Keep it up... and keep blogging...